InterDesign is an East London based interior carpentry business specialising in interiors and custom furnishings.

Our mission is to provide our clients with tailor–made interior layouts and designs with the best functionality suited to their unique lifestyles and living spaces.

From conceptual design to the actual execution of the project our team delivers its highest quality whilst using first grade materials.

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Our Process

1. Your Brief

It all begins with a sketch layout, a template that guides all the successive steps that lead up to the final product.

2. Planning

With the aid of modern interior design software, a computer-generated plan is made according to the initial sketch. From the plan we render a 3D digital model of the build. It’s a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the final product and make changes where you see fit.

3. Manufacturing

After all project plans, designs and materials are in place, we’re ready to move on to manufacturing. The various doors, tops, panels and other components are measured, cut and prepared for assembly. Each part is made to fit neatly and accurately. Then the entire assembly is packed for delivery, ready for its new owner.

4. Installation

Installation can take one day or more depending on the complexity of the order. The unit is delivered and assembled on-site, fitting all your finishings where they belong in the correct sequence. InterDesign prides itself on quality workmanship and materials so you’re always guaranteed a high-end product. Once we’re done, you’re welcome to take a step back and enjoy your new creation.

When the project is complete, we leave you with a clean home and a renovation job that meets all your design specifications.